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About Me

My entire life I knew there was something not quite right in this world.

So many things just didn't make sense.

For a long time, I thought it was me.  I thought I didn't understand or even fit in this world, then I realized oh, I'm a normal, heart centered, kind human being and it's this world that is crazy.

I've spent my life as a sensitive one, on a quest for truth, beauty, fairness and aliveness.

I'm a child of Earth – no place is my home and every place is my home.

Nature brings solace to my being and I've traveled far and wide to soak in the wonder.

I have a deep knowing that our experience of life on this planet is supposed to be one of peace, abundance, freedom and love.

My journey has been winding and graceful and in the flow at times, and it's also been full of challenges and I've needed to pivot.  One thing is for sure no matter life's circumstances... when the music is playing –I dance...  to no one beat in particular, I dance to the rhythms of the world and most importantly to my own beat.

I've engaged with the world from the purity of my being and when it hasn't been matched with love and honesty, it hurts. 

My journey has included... 

  • being on stage as a Professional Dancer,

  • visiting 47 countries (and I never want to stop traveling)

  • Founding and successfully exiting an Italian Imports company 

  • Producing Films 

  • Being a Mother

  • TV Production Finance

  • Neuroscience-Based Transformational Coach for Entrepreneurs & Artists

  • ... and now  

Guiding you to heal, shine & share your truth with the world.

Going a little deeper:

  • I've gotten off course and out of step, more than a few times in life.

  • I've loved so deeply it's turned me inside out.

  • I've had a life long obsession with the nature of existence and how the mind, body, emotion & spirit integrate for each of us to become fully ourselves.

  • I've felt paralyzing fear when I've had to pivot and reinvent myself. 

  • I'm a hyper-rational, creative,  so I know what it's like to have too many ideas and get stuck in the execution phase.  

  • I've doubted myself, procrastinated and felt 'off 'when I've been out of alignment.

  • I've stood on stages and performed for sold out audiences but I've been too scared to use my voice and speak my truth to the world (untiil now)

  • Achieving the dreams that resulted in the greatest joys of my life always required that I navigate discomfort, become mentally and emotionally strong.  And once I did the world opened up in ways I couldn't have imagined.

  • I have a gift of seeing your potential and I become captivated when I see that creative spark in you. When you light up, the world gets brighter and I lend my energy to helping you create what it is you so deeply desire.

Let's get started... there is a new world out there that is longing for you to create it.

I'll share a secret:

The person you want to become is so much closer than you think. 

Shhh.. listen.... the whisper in you in the quiet hours of dawn is begging to materialize in this world.

I'll make you a promise:

Taking this journey into yourself will be fun, it will be a little scary sometimes but ultimately, I promise it will be the best journey of your life.

I'll remind you:

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.” -Viktor Frankl

I can't wait to meet you. There is an ocean of possibility that awaits.

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