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Havening® is a gentle psychosensory modality that uses touch to elicit Delta waves which create electrochemical changes in the brain. It allows painful emotions & trauma to be de-linked from past memories quickly, naturally & safely.

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Be liberated from the endless cycle 
​of distressing thoughts and traumatic patterns.





Do you feel stuck in your life?


Are your emotions taking over?

Do you experience ruminating thoughts, emotions and beliefs?

Do you have phobias or life long fears that you want to get over?

Are you living with trauma or Post Traumatic Stress?

Do you feel an invisible barrier that's keeping you from your be
st possible life?


· Anxiety, Depression & Emotional upset

· Phobias

· Childhood trauma and abuse
· Birth trauma
· Parenting and Reparenting
· Old & reccurring emotional patterns & limiting beliefs
· Relationships Breakdowns


"Hi Windi. I just realized how much the session with you gave me! I forgot to check in with myself to see what exactly was the root cause to some changes. And now I realized that it was after our session! It wasn't right away, as you mentioned yourself. But that is incredible! I finally accepted the part of myself I was rejecting for so long due to my ancestors and their behavioral patterns. I have no anger anymore, no rejection. That is incredible!"

I have experienced with numerous clients, the ease and potency of this technique in helping to resolve and quickly remove old traumatic pathways stored in the body and nervous system. 

Havening works by:  

  • De-linking stressful & traumatic memories held in the brain and body

  • Delta waves altering the brain chemistry

  • Removing associated emotions & thoughts patterns

  • Using sensory input of human touch 

        (applied by practitioner or self-applied)

  • Delivering a state of Calm, Safety and Peace to the body and brain


For more info on Havening go to

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